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    Reid Withrow


    Over the past years of being a small business owner I have gained the knowledge, experience, and skill set that has molded me into a ‘Jack of all trades’. This skill set ranges from people management and team building to brand building a company. The reward for mastering these skills is that I have been able to run a successful, profitable business. Running a business also relies heavily on teamwork. I believe thriving in one’s given position is the key to the businesses overall success. I can be the head Chief if needed, but just like any Chief once was, they began as an Indian working with all the members of the tribe. I have been both the Indian and the Chief, and I believe with my experience and skill set, I’d be a be the right choice to make any company grow.


  • Professional Experience

    Bloomerang Solutions

    Marketing Strategist 

    Nov 2016 – Present

    -Lead consultant and strategist for implementing new concepts to any existing clients.

    -Manage Services; including website maintence, design, and updates for existing clients

    -Customer Relations

    -Responsible for Floral App updates and maintenance

    -Text Marketing Program advisement and devlopment

    -Social Media; posts, pins, and tweets

    ON1 Cycle®

    Founder and CEO

    December 2011 – December 2106

    -Founded the first indoor cycling, barre and TRX studio in Sarasota County
    -Developed the business plan for ON1 Cycle®
    - Responsible for the day to day operations of the business; including staffing, training, scheduling, payroll, accounting, customer service, and everything back-office.
    -Responsible for app development, website design, as well regular updating
    -Responsible for brand consistency and recognition across all deliverable online marketing, social media, messaging, and content. Including designing ads for both (print & digital), email blasts via constant contact, website, and videos.

    -Very accustomed with WordPress, Strikingly, Google Ad Words, PPC analytics, and the driving force behind SEO.

    -Educated and familiar with all e-commerce and woo-commerce platforms.

    -Procured a registered trademark for ON1 Cycle®.

    101 MG

    Director of Marketing and Business Development

    February 2007 – July 2011

    •Developed the marketing strategy for new and existing projects and events
    •Oversaw the implementation of the Marketing strategy - including campaigns, events, digital marketing, and Public Relations.
    •Worked closely with the sales team and other employees; enabling them to meet their quotas and sale objectives by providing them with appropriate tools, materials.
    •Guided the day to day activities of the marketing team.
    •Developed, designed, and delivered marketing and communications strategies for 101 MG.
    •Kept up with the analysis of the competitive environment and consumer trends of the hospitality industry


    - Responsible for all large project events, whether offsite or onsite. Responsibilities include, management, preparing proposals, promotions, ordering, budgeting, along with staffing a team of 15+ for every project.

    Waldorff Insurance & Bonding

    Insurance Agent *independent contractor

    May 2009 – October 2010

    •Specialized in commercial lines of insurance and surety bonds
    •Marketed, advised, and presented commercial lines insurance policies to clients ranging from the industrial industry to main street businesses.
    •Focused on surety bonds in the construction industry.


    Broad Beach Media

    Sr. Account Executive *independent contractor

    July 2004 – April 2007

    •Performed market research for the North Florida Business Report, Welcome magazine, INsite magazine, Gainesville Survival Guide, Navigator, and Gator Super Savers.
    •Created and implemented a new distribution system.
    •Consulted clients with overall guidance on advertising strategy, ad layout and design.


    Bachelors of Science Degree

    Hospitality and Event MANAGEMENT




  • Recomendations

    Ann E. Voorhees, LCSW

    Provider Support Specialist at Magellan Complete Care / AHCA Region 6

    Reid Withrow is a multi-sport athlete, entrepreneur and small business owner. He knows the value of "the team" and sets his individual goals in order to best benefit the "whole" - no showboating.

    As an entrepreneur, Reid applies his marketing and promotion skills to make his business like a beacon - drawing attention from varied markets and key potential stakeholders. He started a business a couple years ago, indoor cycling, and built it into a multi-system fitness center.

    As a trainer, Reid knows how to motivate his clients to improve their all-around well being. He's knowledgeable and savvy while being sensitive to each member's needs and fitness goals.

    May 30, 2014, Ann E. was Reid's client


    Jacquelyn Levine

    Field Agent

    Reid is very enthusiastic and ambitious. He can accomplish all tasks he puts his mind to.

    May 30, 2014, Jacquelyn was Reid's client


    Itay Bengal

    Director of User Experience at Bliss Transit

    I can not possibly say enough good things about Reid Withrow. Speaking personally, fitness is a constant struggle. I love to eat, and the foods I choose are not the necessarily .... healthy.

    Reid has gone above and beyond in so many ways for me. Not just in training me, but in holding me accountable outside the gym, as well. He'd call/text to check on me and make sure I wasn't eating poorly, talk me through any obstacles I was facing, and even just yell at me to get me out of bed and to the gym! He's become a great friend, and even though we're now in separate states, Reid still checks in on me and makes himself available to me.

    If you're looking for someone who not only knows how to get you fit, but who will be there, anytime you need, not just "on the clock", this is your man. Reid cares about your health and your well being, and comes up with creative and effective training methods. Look no further, Reid is your guy.

    May 29, 2014, Itay was Reid's client


    Ellen Gesell

    Realtor at Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Atchley Properties

    Reid Withrow is an entrepreneur with a creative mind that never stops. He uses knowledge that he has learned through his life experiences. He is a hard worker and dedicated to those he works with and for. Reid is definitely a team leader. He knows when to encourage and when to push his clients so that they receive the results they are striving for. Reid is amazing when it comes to Marketing (including social media)! He also knows how to Brand a name (a company) from nothing to something that everyone knows and recognizes.

    June 4, 2014, Ellen was with another company when working with Reid at ON1 Cycle


    Lauren W. Henrichsen

    Marketing Communications that Deliver Results

    Reid is an enthusiastic and inspiring person to be around. The energy that he has created at ON1 is infectious and will get anyone moving.

    July 3, 2012, Lauren W. was with another company when working with Reid at ON1 Cycle


    Director of Marketing and Business Development

    101 Management


    Christina Suarez Watkins

    Dentist at Exceptional Dentistry of Sarasota

    Reid has been my spin instructor at On1Cycle for over a year now. The experience has been incredible. He is always mixing things up so you are never board or stuck in a plateau. Not only does he manage to be a great instructor and motivator but he is also a wonderful person and truly takes an interest in his clients. There is nothing better than someone that gets to know you on a personal level, holds you accountable and allows you to have fun while you're working your but off!

    August 28, 2014, Christina was Reid's client


    Kim Hill

    Certified Aesthetician, Fitness Trainer and Nutritionalist

    Reid employed me as a cycling instructor. He was professional, kind and informative. I was sad to give it up due to injury..

    July 15, 2014, Kim worked with Reid at 101 Management


    Gina Beckwith

    Internet Marketing and Content Management

    While working at 101 Downtown, the first restaurant concept created by 101 Management Group, Reid Withrow was a key player in the companies growth and success. His skills in customer service, marketing, and employee management helped me succeed and grow in my own role with the company. When I first started working at 101 Downtown I thought bartending was as easy as pouring drinks and smiling. With patience and understanding he showed me how to not just serve customers but make sure they come back. Remembering drink orders, anticipating a customers next order, and even getting to know our regulars on a level that would help me recommend a new dish or drink for them to try helped me succeed and eventually be promoted to bar manager. Without his help an guidance, I would've just poured drinks and taken money from customers who probably would not have returned otherwise. Thanks for showing me the way. The skills I learned at that restaurant I still carry with me today as I've grown to not just an employee, but now the proud owner of my own Internet Marketing firm. I'm forever grateful for your guidance.

    Gina Beckwith
    Founder of Insomniac Marketing

    July 8, 2014, Gina worked directly with Reid at 101 Management


    Timothy Mitten

    Real Estate Professional, REALTOR, Florida Properties ~ Promotions

    Reid has always been focused on a goal and remained dedicated & professional working towards achieving desired results. ON1 Cycle is a prime example.

    July 1, 2014, Timothy worked with Reid at 101 Management


    Christopher Harmon

    Data Warehouse / Business Objects Enterprise Administrator at SCANA Corporation

    Reid is an innovative thinker and progressive in his efforts to be a leader. His knowledge of the business and industry gives Reid the flexibility to be creative in his work. Because of this, Reid is able to provide solutions and ideas that can be used to create a new product or enhance existing products and experiences. Reid is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him for his services.

    June 19, 2014, Christopher was Reid's client


    Stephanie DeSear

    Private Banker and Brokerage Associate at Wells Fargo

    Reid is very personable and extremely professional. He is dedicated to making his business successful and at the same time is committed to making each of his customer's experiences unique. I work with Reid as a business partner and I am also a client of his. I will continue to work with Reid as working with him always is uplifting and provides a refreshing experience. I am proud of Reid for everything he has accomplished thus far and I am certain Reid will continue to be extremely successful!

    June 14, 2014, Stephanie was Reid's client


    Ella Vance

    Director of Marketing & Events at Modern Luxury

    I have trained with Reed a handful of times at his Cycling studio. He is always ahead of the game with new music, awesome energy in the room, its always a blast and great workout when I leave the studio. His location is top notch in regards to trainers that he has hired, cleanliness, and management skills are wonderful. Although with a busy work schedule, I always look forward to returning back to his studio for a good workout!

    June 13, 2014, Ella was Reid's client


    Jennifer Dziob

    personal trainerNASM-CPT/group fitness

    Reid is a hands on Manager and hard working, enthusiastic person.
    It was always a pleasure to work with him.. Reid always goes above and beyond his job description, he gives 110%!! He motivates both clients and team members!

    June 11, 2014, Jennifer reported to Reid at 101 Management

    Jenn Stutler

    Construction Management Consultant

    Reid is a highly motivated, creative and energetic guy with a willingness to modify his programs to fit a clients need. I would recommend him to any of my friends and colleagues.

    June 9, 2014, Jenn was Reid's client


    Sharyn Vross

    Owner at White Picket Produce

    I have known Reid for almost a year and can honestly say he is quite the Entrepreneur! Reid has a passion for success and it shows in everything he does. He puts forth 200% with gusto and has one of the true great minds for business. I would recommend Reid without hesitation. He is inventive and curious, quick and very driven. He will do well in anything he chooses.

    May 29, 2014, Sharyn was with another company when working with Reid at 101 Management


    Justin Vokus CLCS

    Commercial Advisor at Hub International

    “Reid is a true professional who does an outstanding job with clients. He provides valuable coaching and is willing to put the extra time in that many people will not. He has access and credibility with a large number of people which shows his commitment over time."

    June 3, 2014, Justin was with another company when working with Reid at 101 Management


    Brittany Hasden

    Channel Marketing Manager: Nordics & Eastern Europe at Netatmo

    I've known Reid for 6 years and have witnessed the dedication he has committed to his career that has brought him to the point of success he is at now. He is a skilled leader and has a visionary mindset, which makes him an asset to any company. Reid is a winner, and anyone who has the opportunity to work alongside him should consider themselves fortunate!

    May 29, 2014, Brittany was with another company when working with Reid at 101 Management


    Senior Account Executive

    INsite Magazine


    Omar Oselimo

    Co-Chair District 1 Business Council Steering Committee

    It is with great pleasure that I write this long overdue recommendation for Reid. Relationships are very important when you are working with an outside consultant. It is very important for you as a business owner to be able to be open and candid with the person you are working with, and that’s how I felt when Reid was working with us on our marketing. I did not feel I had to be a certain way or talk in a certain tone; whatever mood I was in I could call and let him know what I felt was working and what I felt was not working. Reid is a down-to-earth person who understands the importance of building relationships and taking care of the customer’s needs.

    May 31, 2014, omar was Reid's client


    Kevin Ireland

    Editor in Chief/Association Business Development Manager at Florida Realtors

    Over the course of nearly three years, Reid worked a senior account executive for my five publications. He was very effective at developing relationships with advertising prospects and brought in a number of accounts who had never worked with the company before. Even more importantly, once he signed new accounts, he worked closely with the owners to successfully market their businesses. As he proved working for me and continues to prove every day, Reid is a talented businessman.

    June 1, 2014, Kevin managed Reid at INsite Magazine


  • Community and Non-Profit Relations

    Coaching, Training, and Playing

    Master Certification

    Certified, instructed, and trained up and coming RealRyder Indoor Cycling instructors and students.


    Certfied and trained in the Spinning program through Mad Dogg Athletics.


    Certified personal trainer through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers.

    Sarasota High School

    Junior Varsity Football

    Defensive COORDINATOR


    Lead the Sailors to the their 1st undefeated season at the JV level in 2014.


    United Football Federation

    Played minor league football in the UFF with the Florida Veterans; 2011-2015.


    Florida Football Alliance

    Played minor league football in the FFA with the Tampa Bay Patriots; 2015-2016.

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